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Transportation Development District

Creating A TDD

A Transportation Development District (TDD) may be created to act as the entity responsible for developing, improving, maintaining, or operating one or more “projects” relative to the transportation needs of the area in which the District is located. A TDD may be created by request petition filed in the circuit court of any county partially or totally within the proposed district. There are specific rules that provide filing procedures and content requirements of TDD creating petitions. Your Department of Economic Development will be happy to provide details of these rules upon request.  Link here for full details...

State Or Local Government Project Support

Before beginning to build or fund any project, the TDD will submit the proposed project to the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for its approval. If the proposed project is not intended to be part of the state highways or transportation system, the TDD will also submit its plans for approval by the local transportation authority that will become owner of the project. A “local transportation authority” may be any local public authority(s) or political subdivision(s) having jurisdiction over any transportation service, improvement, or infrastructure in which the TDD is located.

Typical Budget Items

A TDD serves to fund, promote, plan, design, construct, improve maintain or operate one or more “projects” or to assist in such activity. “Projects may include any:

  • Street, highway, road, interchange, intersection, bridge, traffic signal light or signage;
  • Bus stop, terminal, station, wharf, dock, rest area or shelter;
  • Airport, river, or lake port, railroad, light rail or other mass transit and any similar or related improvement or infrastructure.

Financial Resources

Funding of TDD projects may be accomplished in several ways. It may be through the creation of district-wide property or sales taxes which requires the approval of the voters in the district by vote or by petition. It may also (with voter approval) impose special assessments on all or part of the properties in the district based on their relative benefit. The required majorities and procedures for these funding mechanisms vary.

The TDD may also issue bonds, notes, and other obligations in accordance with the authority granted to the entity for such issuance.

Effective, modern, and safe transportation systems and related infrastructure are fundamental to the economic vitality of Missouri, its communities, and regional areas. The Missouri Department of Economic Development can assist your community or region by providing information and resources you can use to create a Transportation Development District to serve the needs of your area.

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