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Community Planning

Community and economic development planning consists of applying the community development process of assessment, goal setting, and the implementation of a plan to achieve the goals identified. It starts with citizen involvement through the use of surveys, focus groups, town meetings, and other evaluation techniques in order to arrive at a shared vision for the community.

Planning helps a community to identify and build a consensus around goals. Once a consensus has been reached on individual goals resources can then be identified and focus developed on their successful implementation. Most federal and state programs, along with other non-governmental funding programs, are requiring sound community planning as part of their application. The planning process usually helps to establish a targeted outcome that supports the funding request and assures the funding source that there is a community consensus on the implementation of the goal.

In short, good planning can help answer the question that most funding programs are interested in knowing and thereby strengthen a community's application effort. Does the application match the desired outcomes as outlined within the programs guidelines, and will the level of approved funds be leveraged with other funding sources (local, etc.) in order to effectively maximize the dollars requested? An overall community plan can give assurance that the financial assistance requested would have the desired long-term effects as outlined in the funding application. The Department of Economic Development is ready to assist communities in with their planning. The primary tool available is the Missouri Community Assessment and Planning Process (MoCAPP).

MoCAPP is designed to assist communities in assessing their resources, setting goals, and forming plans in 37 different areas of community and economic development areas.

The requirements for participation in MOCAPP include:

  1. City Council Resolution on file with DED
  2. Community Vision
  3. Completion of Required Steps and Submission of Documentation to DED

The benefits to participating in the MOCAPP process include:

  • To be certified as an All Missouri Certified City;
  • To be certified as a Five Star City;
  • To be certified as a Star City;
  • Prepares and positions a community for economic growth.

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