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Feasibility Studies

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (TDA) assists in the creation of jobs for Americans by helping U.S. companies pursue overseas business opportunities. Through the funding of feasibility studies, orientation visits, specialized training grants, business workshops and various forms of technical assistance, TDA helps American businesses compete for infrastructure and industrial projects in emerging markets.

TDA only considers infrastructure and industrial projects that have the potential to mature into significant export opportunities for American companies and create jobs in the United States. Projects are typically in these sectors: agriculture; energy and power; health care; manufacturing; mining and minerals development; telecommunications; transportation and environmental services.

To be considered for funding, projects must:

  • Face strong competition from foreign companies that receive subsidies and other support from their governments.
  • Be a development priority of the country where the project is located and have the endorsement of the U.S. Embassy in that nation.
  • Represent an opportunity for sales of U.S. goods and services that is many times greater than the initial investment of TDA assistance; and
  • Be likely to receive implementation financing, and have procurement process open to U.S. firms.

TDA's program is designed to increase American jobs through increased exports as well as to support the economic development of the host nation. TDA will not fund a project if it develops jobs overseas at the expense of jobs in the U.S.

Definitional Missions and Desk Studies are contracted solely with small and minority-owned businesses. Small businesses are winning a growing share of TDA feasibility studies. In addition, small businesses often are contacted by larger firms to work on specific components of TDA-funded activities. The expertise of small business in specialized areas are useful to establish relationships in emerging markets. Small businesses also utilize completed TDA-funded feasibility studies to market their products and services.

TDA-sponsored conferences are particularly beneficial to small businesses. For less than the cost of a plane ticket to one overseas destination, small businesses can maximize time and resources by meeting dozens of project sponsors at one session in private, prescheduled meetings facilitated by TDA.

Based on the recommendations contained in the Definitional Mission or Desk Study report, the advice of the U.S. embassy, TDA's internal analysis, and budget capabilities, TDA makes decisions on funding requests for feasibility studies. Feasibility studies evaluate the technical, financial, legal, and economic aspects of a development project in the pre-investment stage. These studies usually include procurement plans, contract information, technical data, financial information, and market studies. These are essential information for investors and developers, as well as providers of goods and services including small businesses. TDA sponsors orientation visits to the United States by foreign officials (usually procurement and technical specialist) interested in procuring American goods and services for specific projects.

TDA also has funded technical assistance grants for U.S. companies to demonstrate equipment and technology on a small scale.

For more information, visit; or you may contact Alice Bernard-Jones, International Finance Manager at:

Business and Community Services
301 W. High Street, Rooms 720, 770  Jefferson City, Missouri 65102
Tel: 800-523-1434    Fax: 573-751-7384   Email: [email protected]

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